"Wilbur is a little rascal who, after leaving the abbey where he grew up, learned magic himself, by stealing artifacts, books & scrolls from different savants and wise men". 

"The mischievous orphan has amassed quite a nice collection, so he has set his gaze at the Sage's Tower of Knowledge, but perhaps this wasn't such a good plan after all". 

This little Prototype is based on Snow Bross, and a little bit on Megaman, and a dash of Ghost & Goblins besides; Who doesn't love Magic & Fantasy?



  • Movement: WASD.
  • Jump: K.
  • Attack: L.

Try combination for special movements!



  • Game Design, Pixel Art & Development by: Nicolás, Manuel Masferrer & Me
  • Music by: Max

Development log


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Nice little short platformer


Thanks! We will made more levels, fix some bugs, and will tell you.

It doesnt work well...

Wich problem are you having?

1 or 2 button not work

We will check it ;) thanks for the heads up.